Goodbye 2016

So it’s finally coming to an end.

What a year to start. 

In January I lost my dad unexpectedly, days before I leave for Tokyo.
I was not prepared for it mentally, and until today I’m still trying to cope with the loss.

During my stay in Shinjuku, after a few rounds of beers, on my way back to the hotel. I encountered a freak snow for the 1st time and minutes later after I make this photo. I fell and twisted my ankle.

The next day, with my twisted ankle, I spent 4 hours crossing back and forth, making photographs at Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo.

During my 2nd trip to Hong Kong, my Hard Drive got stolen upon landed in Singapore. Only managed to recover less than a fraction of the photos I shot.

A Hong Kong Zine is born.

In Phom Penh, Cambodia, I have to wander the streets with a blank screen on Google Maps.

Despite all the unfortunate events, well there are events happened that wasn’t that bad.

One joint exhibition at ION Art Orchard with fellow photographer, Mark Teo.

Also, I found myself travel more despite the fact that I’m not much a traveler, but all thanks to Fujifilm Singapore. I managed to go to Tokyo, Japan. Hong Kong and lastly New Delhi, India. 

For work, as part of BBH Singapore’s 20th anniversary, the company sent everyone to Phom Penh, Cambodia to build 30 houses for a village.

Made new friends, met some friends for the 1st time whom I knew online.

Lastly, managed to do a portrait of myself with a Monkey God impersonation to end the year with the help from Lao Sai Tao Yuan Teochew Opera Troupe after almost a year to prepare.

So what’s next?

For 2017, I don’t know yet. 

All I know is, I’ll continue to do my shit. 

So, Happy New Year to you and your family. Peace!     

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