Portrait of the past  #1

Late last year in Nov 2013, I met an ex triad member.
It started when I was sharing a table with him. I noticed he had tattoos on his arms.
So i strike a conversation with him about Tattoos.

As the converation goes, we started going into the topic of Tattoos linking to Gang members. That’s when he shared with me about his past history when he was a triad member. It turns out, he was one of the pioneer member of the “Ah Kong” triad in
the 70s.

During a gang fight in the mid 60s, he killed someone and went to prison for 8 years. After his prison terms, he left Singapore to Amsterdam to join the “Ah Kong” triad. Where he spent 8 years there in charge of the operations.

He was sharing with me this photo of him during his time in Amsterdam.
I asked if it’s ok to take this photo, he says yes.

Now he’s a change man and earning a decent living.
He gave me an advice, he said to me..
“Send my children to learn martial art, to learn to defend themselves
and not to hurt others.”

Before I leave, I thanked him for sharing his stories with me and he also invited me
to have coffee with him whenever I’m free to tell me more story of his past.

The history of “Ah Kong” is in Wikipedia, which you can found out more here

Photographs © AikBengChia

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