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X100F Nara Park. Nara. Japan. 2017.

So, some three months ago, Fujifilm dropped a pre-production X100F at my proverbial doorstep. If you were tuned in, you may have heard its official announcement worldwide on 18 January 2017.

From my hometown of Singapore, I’d since travelled around the region to phenomenal places like Phnom Penh, Cambodia, New Delhi, India, and then finally to Kyoto, Japan. In that time and space, I’d captured every moment I could with the brand new compact.

X100F Marina Square. Singapore. 2016.

X100F Phnom Penh. Cambodia. 2016

X100F New Delhi. India. 2016.

X100F Kyoto. Japan. 2017.

The X100F, now in its fourth iteration since the original, comes equipped with a larger sensor, the much-loved Acros film simulation, Grain Effect option for JPEGs, a directional joystick, a tactile ISO dial, and high ISO control. There are plenty of resources out there on the web for those of you inclined towards specifications, but I’m not that person to educate you on those. What I know is the X100F simply enables me to capture my visions in exactly the ways I desire, even easier than before.

Built with the same fast and precise AF system as seen in the X-Pro 2, I just don’t miss shots anymore. The directional joystick now aids in focusing even faster than I’ve ever had. With the 24mp X-Trans 3 sensor now powering output from behind the same fantastic 23mm/f2 lens I’ve grown to love, image quality is once again just incredible.

While I shoot JPEGs mostly with the Classic Chrome simulation, I definitely put some treatment to my shots in India with some colour grading. My black and white shots? Well to put this frequently-asked question to rest - I usually put my trust in the stellar Acros simulation before adding some personal flavour with minor contrast tweaks in Adobe Lightroom.

X100F - Phnom Penh. Cambodia. 2016.

X100F New Delhi. India. 2016.

X100F Kyoto. Japan. 2017.

You’ll find the Fujifilm X100F is now just as powerful as its flagship cousins. You might even argue it’s an X-Pro 2 put into the balanced compact that is the X100 body. What you won’t be able to deny is pure joy when it comes to making pictures with it.

I certainly can’t keep my hands off it.

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