My name is Aik Beng Chia. I am a Fujifilm X Photographer.

My name is Aik Beng Chia. I am a Fujifilm X Photographer.

Recently, Fujifilm Japan extended an invitation for me to attend their 5th Anniversary Event held at Fujifilm Square in Tokyo Midtown. It was truly an honour to be part of such a momentous occasion and I had an amazing time meeting with like-minded friends.

As an official Fujifilm X Photographer from Singapore, earlier this year I was also given a sneak peak of the Fujifilm X70 compact digital camera from Fujifilm Singapore. The first thought that came to mind was simply how compact and solid it felt. The shots came naturally right after. As a die-hard compact camera fan - knowing that I had in my hands a machine capable of amazing visual results, packed into a tiny package - it was everything I was familiar with and still desired. 

I get asked by friends very often to recommend a “best camera”. What I feel is… There is no right or wrong, and no best or worst camera; what matters is which camera you feel comfortable with. If the camera allows you to achieve the image you desire, then that’s the best camera for you. 

Tokyo, Japan  

Tokyo has everything you could possible ask of a city - a rich, cosmopolitan dining scene, eclectic cafes and bars, a world class public transportation system, nature parks that evoke wonder, and people of warm hospitality. Above all, Tokyo is a place for pure photography. 

The rest of my short-lived time in Japan saw me wandering the crowds with the Fujifilm X70 doing what I love most – street photography. With the Fujifilm X70, capturing the everyday Japanese life of day and night was effortless. 

The brand new articulating touch-screen turned out to be more useful than I thought, allowing me to capture scenes I would normally have trouble accessing. Its diminutive size and silent operation, working in tandem with a very dependable zone-focusing system also meant I got more keepers than I’d expected in the crowds of Tokyo. 

Not unlike Japan, the rest of the world is a photographer’s playground, and the Fujifilm X70 is my spade and bucket in this wonderful sandbox of light and discovery. 

My time with the Fujifilm X70 was filled with joy, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the images I’ve shared with you as much as I’ve simply enjoyed taking them.

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