Walking and snapping is the only way to be closer to everything around me. When you add the immediacy and tangibility of Instax to that process, what you have is a thesis on life that you can marvel at right there and then.

Everyone these days talk about gear, celebrity power, prominence on the Internet, what makes a good or bad image – truthfully, all that is bullshit. The only thing that matters is that you’re pressing the shutter button, whether that’s a virtual one on your mobile phone, the metal one on your Leica, or the fat plastic one on your Instax.

Photography means a lot of different things to different people so the only absolute is: “this is an image, make of it what you will, for I have done the same.”

I hope that through this series , you are liberated from the monotony of the everyday as I have been. Not all images will excite you, not all images will pique your curiosity, but for the ones that do, know that you can discover these moments too – by walking and snapping. It’s that simple.

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