W / O M E N

A collaboration with FLABSLAB for behind the scenes photo shoot for W / O M E N Book Launch.

There is great beauty to be found within the pages of a photo book. This one you hold in your hands is no different and yet with regards to its contents, the question that often comes up: Is this objectification?

(But hold that thought; we’ll get to that later.)

The creation of this photo book came about from two schools of thought.

Uno: To poke fun at the ignorant, who think collecting toys reeks of immaturity.
Dos: To poke fun at the prudes, who think the naked female form is seen as sexist.

Combine the two mission statements; mix well. Add a dash of Lumina Photography’s skills, a pinch of moxie from our uber cool models, a tablespoon of toys. Finally, let it simmer and cool.

The result is W/OMEN. For obvious reasons the title represents our subjects but it’s also a play on the word that, in our opinion, the female of the species can get on by without the interference of men (“Who run the world? Girls!” – Beyoncé) and “omen”&mdashan advent of change and it is with this point that we return to the question: “is this objectification?”

Those who worked on W/OMEN did not see it as dehumanising; our models do not see themselves as things; the men who collect toys do not see themselves as man-children. We’re proud to say this is a work of art and as such it’s truly in the eyes of the beholder.

That said, instead of asking, “Is this objectification?” maybe try, “Am I the one doing the objectifying?” And that shift in thinking can lead to how you see the rest of the world. Now ain’t that a beautiful sight? 


Photography by Teck Lim & Edwin Tan (lumina photography)

Photographer assisted by Burton / Jiwen

Digital imaging by Janice (lumina photography)

Makeup by GiGi Sng

Hair by Kenneth Svar Ong

Mastermind of W/OMEN / Creative directions by FLABSLAB

Special guest photographer Chia Aik Beng

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