Make-A-Zine Workshop 10, 18 & 19 June 2022


Zines are self-published non-profit publications with a history rooted in DIY cultures and methods of production, created as an alternative to mainstream publishing. The workshop introduces the basics of zine making, exploring different types of zines and self-published works.

It is an approachable, hands-on zine making workshop aimed at Photographers who have a set of a body of works. Hosted and mentor by AikBeng Chia to give participants an opportunity to experience the thrill of making their zine in a short amount time and then taking it home with them. During the workshop, participants also will also be taught how to curate and sequence their body of works. Design and layout, their images. 

Workshop Fees

The cost of the workshop is SGD$500/ USD$370

Venue: 42WS

Date and Time

10 June Friday: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

18 June Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

19 June Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Programme Outline

The zine making workshop begins with an introduction on Friday night online where I will share the history of zines rooted in DIY cultures, the basics of zine making, exploring different types of zines and self-published works.

Over the weekend, I will guide you, how to curate and sequence your body of works. Teaching you the basics of Design and Layout your images using publishing software with the help of my assistant, Gareth Phua. 

Your seat will be confirmed once the full deposit has been made. To confirm your spot, Direct Message me via Instagram @aikbengchia or email me at

Who should apply?

Working photographers, photography students, and serious photography enthusiasts.


  • Participants must have 20 to 30 images from a project or work-in-progress, ready for the workshop.
  • A laptop with the following Softwares, Adobe Indesign. Participants who do not have Adobe Indesign, are required to download the trial version on the day at the workshop and not before.
  • Materials for zine making will be provided.


AikBeng Chia started photography in 2008. To date, he has self-published five zines, published two books over the past years since 2010. He also curated a few local and overseas zines with other photographers. His works have been published and exhibited locally and internationally. 


Gareth Phua, is a practising graphic designer specialising in publication design and layout since 2005. He picked up photography in 2010 and has never looked back since. Gareth is also an adjunct lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


I attended ABC’s zine workshop, this work shop gave me different perspective how to organize my photos and present in the zine format, It is not only about how to make zine but also how to become a better photographer to make photos & observe the world as well. Highly recommend this workshop if you want to bring your photography in another level. - Shan Zhan

Aik Beng’s Zine Workshop helped us learn different easy and practical methods of binding after which we could decide which method we wanted to use for our zine. He would also give us suggestions on what might be suitable for us based on the body of work we had individually. One of my biggest take away was learning editing from him. He was very patient and explained very clearly on how to edit and how he approached it based on the the images I had which I learnt a lot and I still remember what he shared. The learning pace and process was tailored for each of us and he would give us suggestions whenever we are stuck. - Jinhao

Aik Beng's Zine workshop was practical and inspirational at the same time. I've found it tremendously useful as it enabled me to properly close off a body of work I was doing for about a year. Just like in his other workshops, Aik Beng took time to help us individually to understand our goals and offered personalized advice on top of the group work. - Balazs Fejes

It was a fruitful experience to learn how a zine is being produced through Aik Beng's Zine Workshop. He makes sure everyone understand the process before getting into making our own zine.  Importantly he guided us along the way to sequencing the body of works we produced, paying attention to details and patiently advised us accordingly. - Marq Wong

It was an enriching learning experience to learn from ABC and the friends I made in this workshop. ABC's zine workshop was creative and well-structured. He encouraged every participant to experience the entire process, from start to the final product. My biggest takeaway was his creative sharing of his tools and other methods of zine design! - Yana


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